Event in progress

Domus Grimani 1594-2019

The rearrangement of the Tribune with the collection of ancient statuary collected by Giovanni Grimani at the museum of Palazzo Grimani in Santa Maria Formosa will remain open to the public until May 2021.

What we organize
during the year


Laboratory and exhibition space

We want to open our workshop at the service of the city, temporarily transforming a workspace into a multifunctional place, to be used for workshops and cultural events that combine Venetian craftsmanship, art and culture.
In the last year we have hosted many meetings and workshops on artisanal products as well as a photographic exhibition, Venice Photo Lab, and an event during the Venice Fashion Week where dance, fashion and photography met.
During the month of December we host Ve.NICE STUFF, a market dedicated to independent and local crafts and design.


Workshop on artisanal techniques and restoration

UNISVE does its utmost to maintain the techniques and the artisan tradition and organizes workshops in collaboration with the APPC Order of Venice in order to explore in depth traditional Venetian building techniques at a theoretical and practical level and courses for restorers and craftsmen on restoration techniques and methodologies.
Given the success and rising interest of these courses in 2018-19, we decided to expand and structure various types of workshops on the theme of fresco, plaster, marmorino and pigments to be offered to individuals, schools and tourist guides.


In our spaces we host industry conferences

The UNISVE laboratory is also suitable for hosting conferences, refresher courses and technical meetings. Various meetings, lessons and discussions were held at our headquarters organized by Confartigianato, the publisher Il Prato, by the APPC Order of Venice on the themes of Venetian craftsmanship and historical building, round tables organized by the architectural and technical firms sector, presentation of short films from the Venezia Liquida project.