Some of our most
significant works


Restoration of the surfaces of the church of Sant’Andrea della Zirada

Important restoration work on a large part of the surfaces of the church, Venice, 2014-2016

The church of S. Andrea della Zirada in Venice, built between 1346 and 1475, is located in the Santa Croce district adjacent to the Piazzale Roma area. The 2014 restoration involved the decorative apparatus of the central hall and the presbytery: the ceiling of the central hall, the stucco ceiling of the presbytery and the wooden sculptural elements that adorn the surface - the perimeter wooden frames - and the polychrome sculpture of the Holy Spirit placed in the center of the ceiling of the central hall.


Conservative restoration of wooden dossals

Intervention on the dossals of the chapels, the central hall and on the confessionals, IN PROGRESS

Following the extraordinary high waters of November 2019, the conservative restoration of the wooden dossals of the church of San Giovanni Evangelista was necessary. The dossals have been removed from the walls to allow restoration operations on the front and back: dusting of salt deposits and efflorescence, anti-woodworm treatment, cleaning with specific solutions for the removal of more adherent deposits, integration and filling of gaps and cracks and finally, the final protective treatment by waxing.


Monumental staircase: removal and re-installation of the landings

Preliminary operations for the conservative restoration of the monumental staircase, Venice, 2020

Before proceeding with the consolidation works on the extrados of the central vault of the staircase, the tiles that make up the floor of the landing were numbered, mapped, removed, cleaned, washed and brushed to eliminate the residues of the old bedding mortars. At the end of the consolidation works, the vault was filled again following the original stratification and repositioning the tiles as per mapping. The restoration was funded by The Gritti Palace and Venetian Heritage.


Conservative restoration of the tomb of Doge Francesco Morosini

Intervention on the Doge's monument positioned in the center of the church floor, Venice, IN PROGRESS

The funeral monument of Doge Francesco Morosini (1619-1694) consists of a central shield and other bronze decorations placed on marble slabs. The restoration involves the maintenance and cleaning of both the bronze elements, executed by Officina Ervas, and the stone elements by UNISVE. In fact, both surfaces are covered with thick protective layers that have altered the original colors. The intervention was funded by Venetian Heritage in collaboration with Pomellato.


Floor of the chapel of San Pantalon

Conservative intervention on the floor of the chapel of the patron saint of the church, Venice, 2020

Conservative restoration of the marble floor of the chapel of San Pantalon by cleaning the marble surface with a demineralized water based solution with a low percentage of surfactant.


New staging of the exhibition spaces of the Cassamarca Foundation

Creation of the foundation's new exhibition spaces at Ca' Spineda, Treviso, 2020

The preparation of the new exhibition spaces of the Cassamarca Foundation at Ca' Spineda in Treviso was presented to the press at the end of July and is already open to the public by reservation. Here are some photos of the open shelf library of over 10,000 art books and some exhibition rooms with Venetian paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for which UNISVE has carried out the executive project of the architectural changes and adaptations of the rooms, the finishes , the furnishings and the installation of the works.


Monumental staircase of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

First part of the structural consolidation of the top vault of the monumental staircase by Mauro Codussi, Venice, 2020

Thanks to funding from the Gritti Palace and Venetian Heritage, it was possible to restore the structure of the staircase which had deep cracks on the vault of the top landing and an out-of-plumb exterior wall. We intervened with the consolidation of the foundations, the insertion of new tie rods and the injection of specific consolidants inside the cracks in the vault.

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Mosaic floor conservation in Murano

Securing of the mosaic floor following the high waters of November 2019, Murano, 2020

Conservative intervention to secure the mosaic floor of the Basilica of SS. Maria e Donato in Murano was realized thanks to Save Venice's Immediate Response Fund of Save Venice Inc. under the technical direction of the restorer Giovanni Cucco under the direction of the Venetian Superintendency. Checks were carried out on the state of conservation by master Giovanni Cucco, the removal of incongruous stucco and the preparation of the stone elements for the necessary additions.


The Tribune

Restoration of the stone surfaces of the Tribuna on the occasion of the Domus Grimani 1594-2019 exhibition, Venice, 2019

Regarding the floor, the displanarity of some marble slabs has been resolved and the uneven or missing joints between them have been filled. The floor was then polished with linseed oil. On the walls and on the vault, the grouting of cracks and lesions was carried out, the static verification of the cornices and projecting parts was executed, the replacement or re-fixing of the damaged parts and intervention was carried out on the marmorino of the niches affected with degradation from recrystallization of the salts. Finally, load tests were performed on the horizontal surfaces for the rearrangement of the statues of the Grimani collection.


Domus Grimani 1594-2019

Preparation of the Tribune with the Grimani collection of ancient statues that can be visited until May 2021, Venice, 2019

Realization of the installation both in the Tribune room and in the other exhibition rooms. Specifically, two niches of the Tribune were re-created to complete the wall decoration in place of which a window and a passage that had been opened in the past, all in a reversible way, the bases of the works on display and some bases of the statues of the Tribune as needed.