20 years of Unisve

Unisve was born in 2001 with the purpose of keeping alive the venetian building techniques in order to restore the city of Venice. After 20 years our goal is the same but stronger: our desire is to take part in Venice's conservation and safeguard, and this inspire us to donate 2% of our turnover to project in support of our city.


Conservation of the artworks of Gallerie dell’ Accademia

Ordinary maintenance of the artworks, Venice, IN PROGRESS

For many years we have been lending our skills to the assistance and maintenance of the rooms and artworks of the Gallerie dell'Accademia of Venice.⁠
Every Monday, we carry out the verification and conservation of the artworks under the direction of the museum's technicians, as well as other interventions of assistance upon request.


Stucco surfaces and wooden ceiling

Conservative maintenance of gold decorated surfaces on the second noble floor in Palazzo Contarini degli Scrigni, in Venice, IN PROGRESS

At this stage in the proceedings, we cleaned the decorate beams of the ceiling, whose colors were clouded, and we secured the painted flakes. Later we remove the superimposed layers of material of the stucco surfaces, bringing them back to light. Lastly we did the pictorial retouching on the stucco decoration.

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Conservative restoration of the second noble floor of Palazzo Carminati

Stone elements and stucco decorations in Francesco Morosini State Middle School, Venice, 2020-21

This is one of our latest works. The conservative intervention concerned the marmorino ornaments with polychrome bands and stuccos in relief in the central salon and in one classroom; as well as the wooden beamed ceilings, the stone doorways, the windows and the venetian floors. After the accurate wiping process on marmorino and stucco surfaces, we proceeded with the surface removal, the consolidation of marmorini and the stucco intregration, followed by the pictorial retouching. The intervention was made possible thanks to the PON funds coordinated by MIUR and the Municipality of Venice.

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The new bookshop of Fondazione Cassamarca

Finishing and adjustment of the bookcases and setting-up of Casa dei Carraresi ground floor, Treviso, 2020

Setting-up of the bookshop and winery of the Conference and exhibition centre of Fondazione Cassamarca. In addition to the ground floor surfaces maintenance, Unisve curated the bookcases and custom-made furnitures modification and finishing.


Restoration of the sculptures in Giardino Papadopoli

The statues on the perimetral wall, the Paleocapa monument and the stone and metal elements of the Garden, Venezia, 2019

The restoration intervention concerned the clening, the grouting, the consolidation and the protection of Paleocapa marble monument and of the soft stone sculptures on the surrounding wall. Then we proceeded with the refurbish of the fountain stone apparatus, and with the maintenance of the metal elements like grills and gates. The works have been directed by Parenti's studio.


Conservative maintenance intervention of the facade

Ordinary maintenance of the external stone surfaces of a private building in Venice, IN PROGRESS

Among 2021's works there is the intervention in this venetian building, where we are focusing on the stone elements, in which we did the wiping process and the biocidal solution, followed by the brushing and the washing. The cracks on the facade were integrated by grouting and lastly we create the new marmorino plaster.


Wooden portals of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Church

Maintenance of the Basilica wooden main doors, Venice, 2019.

Conservative maintenance of the portals surfaces affected by dehydration and fissures. In addition to the conservative intervention, like grouting and fixing of moving parts, the wooden surface were consolidated and saturated with a blend of natural oils.


Conservative restoration of the facades

Intervention on antique plasters and stone elements of Villa Giustiniani, Roncade, IN PROGRESS

Castello di Roncade is an interesting example of Renaissance architecture in Northern Italy; It is the only pre-Palladian villa with Medieval boundary wall and it is situated in the city of Roncade, surrounded by Venetian countryside between Venice and Treviso. The intervention concerns cleaning, consolidation, integration and protection of the facade surfaces.


Stone decorated surfaces

Safety intervention following the high waters of November 2019, on the surfaces on the ground floor in Ca' d'Oro, Venice, 2019-2020

Thanks to funding from Save Venice and Immediate Response Fund, it was possible to do the maintenance work on all the surfaces damaged by the high tides, up to 150 cm off the ground; We also carried out precise maintenance actions where it was necessary. We restored the marble layer, the terracotta floors, one quadrifora and the wall surfaces, under the direction of the architect Giulia Passante.